New plan Quality assurance of meat products

Faced with the constant threat due to ongoing fraud and accidental mixing of meat materials from different animal species for the production of meat products and ready meals, Confecarne, Fiad (Federation of Food and Drink Industries) and the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Ready Meals, have developed a Standard Operating Procedure (PNT) for Quality Assurance in relation to the species declared. This documented procedure will serve as a measure to restore confidence in this type of food.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment has supported this document, because it is a quick measure, offering a message of commitment by the industry to end consumers of products and processed meat.

The PNT for quality assurance in relation to the species proposed recommendations in the following areas:

  • Sección de carnes en un supermercadoControl of raw materials: in all matters related to documentation and labeling, compliance with procurement requirements and approval of suppliers, reception control, sampling for analytical testing and identification of raw material.
  • Avoid cross-contamination: assessment of the risk of contamination with other species in meat processing steps and half to avoid.
  • Verification of traceability: the supporting documentation, Revison of procedmientos that develop and conduct exercises and recording traceability (dessde the final product and raw materials supplier, reaching the batches used and controls receiving, vice versa).
  • Review of final product labeling: check the ingredients on the label with the current formulation of the products.

From IPYC we can support them in the implementation of these new regulations and help businesses in the sector in the implementation of a System of Quality Management and Food Safety warranted by market structure and business of the company (ISO22000, IFS, BRC, etc.).

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